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Import cars to Botswana

Thinking of Importing a car from UK to Botswana? AutoExporters can assist you all the way in getting your dream car imported to Botswana from UK and from other countries. Please contact a member of our team for more information on Importing your car to Botswana.

Shipping Ports:

Namibia-Walvis Bay and Durban are major ports for importing cars in Botswana. These ports provide straight forward clearing procedures and outstanding security for the used car and its content.

Age Restrictions:

No Age Restrictions for importation of used vehicles in Botswana.

Customs Clearance

For customs clearance, the importer can opt to use the services of an agent or conduct the process on their own. Depending on the address that you issue to the shipping agent in the shipping country, the transporter can come at any time and collect your vehicle following the agent’s arrangements. Whether you are importing a new or used car, the vehicle will first land at the Port of Durban, which is organised by the agent. In most cases, the agent transports the vehicle to Botswana via vehicle carriers.

Your quote for international vehicle transport depends on the total mileage that the vehicle will travel before reaching you. Additionally, the shipping rates will depend whether you opt for container or Ro/Ro in addition to the vehicle type.

Required Documents

There are import requirements for every agent or individual who wishes to ship a car to Botswana.

For example:

    • The person must provide documents such as the import permit and residence permit issued by the Commerce Ministry. They must also present an IC.2 application form, which can be gotten from the agent of destination
    • Papers for car registration and/or any document that proves that the owner used and owned the vehicle for a year
    • Purchase invoice or any document that proves the exact purchase price
    • CE101 form that you must complete in duplicate, which you must submit alongside your passport, Residence Permit, and Import Permit
    • Clearance certificate from the police.

Apart from providing the documents, there are also customs regulations. For instance, the person who intends to import the vehicle must be a Botswana