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Import cars to Bhutan

Thinking of Importing a car from UK to Bhutan? AutoExporters can assist you all the way in getting your dream car imported to Bhutan from UK and from other countries. Please contact a member of our team for more information on Importing your car to Bhutan.


The Vehicle fitness test must be done before or on the date of expiry (which is the same with the Vehicle renewal date).

Failing to renew on or before expiry date shall be imposed a penalty of Nu.50 per day.

Vehicle fitness is considered to be one of most important work of the Transport Authority to insure that the car is safe to drive and is in good condition to run without any problem for both self and other road users.

RC Renewal and Motor Vehicle Fitness fees.

Vehicle Registration

Only new vehicles can be registered. Second Hand/used vehicles registered in another country cannot be registered in Bhutan.

Duties & Taxes

Engine CC Customs Duty Sales Tax Green Tax
Up to 1500 cc 45% of CIF 45% of CIF 10% of CIF
1500 cc to 1799 cc 50% of CIF 50% of CIF 15% of CIF
1799 cc to 2500 cc 50% of CIF 50% of CIF 20% of CIF
2500 cc to 3000 cc 50% of CIF 50% of CIF 25% of CIF
Above 3000 cc 100% of CIF 50% of CIF 30% of CIF

Note: Electric Cars are Tax Free.


  1. No vehicles of third country origin of any type shall be imported into Bhutan without an import license issued by the Royal Government of Bhutan.
  2. Import of third country vehicles, including gifts and prizes received or won abroad, will be subject to Customs duty and Sales tax.
  3. Privileged personnel of foreign Diplomatic Missions and International agencies, within 12 months of their arrival in Bhutan are permitted to import or acquire a vehicle locally on duty exempt basis.
  4. Import of vehicles on duty exempt basis by eligible civil servants including those posted abroad shall be governed by Foreign Vehicle Allotment Rules 1994 or such amendments made by the Ministry of Finance from time to time.
  5. Import of second hand vehicles shall not be permitted except for officials of Foreign Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations and expert who may bring in their used vehicles along with them on their transfer to Bhutan, subject to re-export on repatriation
  6. Import of used vehicles by Bhutanese nationals, temporarily stationed abroad, shall be permitted, only if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • A Bhutanese national has worked in a third country for a period of at least two years;
    • The vehicle must be procured and registered in his/her name in the country of residence at least one year prior to its importation into Bhutan; and
    • The vehicle procured abroad, is new and not second hand.
    • Duty and sales tax applicable shall be payable.
Unauthorized Importation of Vehicles

Any third country vehicles imported without an authorization into Bhutan by any person or organization shall be confiscated without any notice.