Volkswagon Passat Sedan

As family cars go, the Volkswagen Passat is one of the classiest, most refined and comfortable, but there isn’t anything about it that will raise your pulse

The Volkswagen Passat is a high-quality family car that is something of a halfway house between family cars like the Ford Mondeo or Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport and executive cars, such as the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class. It costs about the same as more mainstream models – especially with the carwow saving – but what sets it apart from them are the build and materials.

If there is a complaint, it’s that everything looks a bit conservative. But, the VW Passat does have a certain elegance, and if you’re into subtle understatement, this car will suit you down to the ground.

You certainly won’t have any complaint about how much room there is inside. You’ll easily fit a couple of six-footers into the front seats, and there’s plenty of room for a couple more in the back seats. Plus, thanks to the big doors, it’s really easy to get in and out.

Last, but not least, the boot is very big, too, although the Volkswagen Passat is a little hampered by its saloon body style. That means it isn’t quite as versatile as hatchback rivals, like the Mondeo and Insignia, and isn’t quite as easy to load and unload.

However, in pretty much every other way, the Passat is a very easy car to live with. Most of the controls are operated through the touchscreen, which means there aren’t many buttons on the dashboard, which is very simple and uncluttered as a result. The infotainment system, too, is one of the best, with clear graphics, nice shortcut buttons and easy-to-understand menus.

Easy is one of the first words to spring to mind when you talk about driving the Volkswagen Passat, too. It’s not as sharp as, say, a Mondeo, but it concentrates very effectively on being smooth, refined and comfortable. In that sense, it’s an enjoyable car to drive, capable of covering long distances at high speed in real comfort. However, if you’re after a more thrilling drive, a BMW 3 Series will be more your kind of thing.