Mercedes Benz C200 Sedan

The Mercedes C-Class is a premium saloon that’s comfortable and comes with a classy interior. You can also get it as a more practical estate model, as a stylish Coupe or as a drop-top Cabriolet if you fancy something a bit sportier.

If you’re looking for a car that’ll lap up long motorway journeys in style and comfort, the Mercedes C-Class makes a great choice. It’s relaxing to drive and comes with a much more interesting cabin than the competitors

From some angles, you could say the Mercedes C-Class it looks like a scaled-down E-Class, but that’s no bad thing. Its design sticks to the less-is-more approach.

This theme continues inside. The Mercedes C-Class’ uncluttered cabin is laid out simply and neatly so everything’s easy to reach. You get plenty of posh interior trims that you won’t find in alternatives, too – including some gorgeous unvarnished wood inserts.