Mercedes benz A200 Hatchback

If you’re looking for something more high-tech than high-speed, the Mercedes A-Class will be right up your street. This upmarket family hatchback is more practical than ever and comes with some of the slickest on-board tech of any car currently on sale. It’s so impressive.

The Mercedes A-Class might be the cheapest model in the Mercedes range, but it still looks every inch a premium product. Slim, aggressive headlights and a whopping great grille with a huge Mercedes emblem mean this isn’t likely to be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill family runabout at the local supermarket.

Inside, things get even better. The Mercedes A-Class’ cabin looks and feels plusher, and completely out-classes the competitors.

The two free-standing digital displays merge almost seamlessly to create a vast widescreen which – along with some fabulous brushed metal turbine-like air vents and 64-colour mood lighting – makes sitting in the Mercedes A-Class feel a little like piloting a spaceship. The screens themselves are easy to use and customisable, so you can prioritise exactly the information you want without any annoying distractions.

Mercedes had enough energy left after this high-tech workout to make sure the A-Class is still practical and easy to live with, too. Unlike the rather cramped old model, this new Mercedes A-Class has enough space in both the front and rear seats for tall adults to get comfortable. The larger side windows mean the back seats don’t feel anywhere near as claustrophobic, either.