BMW i8 Coupe

The BMW i8 could be the perfect supercar for the petrolhead with one eye on the environment, but its high-tech hybrid-drive system makes it expensive

The BMW i8 is a futuristic supercar that proves environmentally friendly hybrids needn’t be boring. A powerful turbocharged petrol engine and high-tech electric motor work together to deliver serious performance while some look-at-me styling makes sure you’ll get noticed everywhere from Kensington High Street to a Green Party conference.

The i8 first went on sale in 2014, but received a more powerful electric motor and a boosted electric range in 2018. The BMW’s bonkers styling remains unchanged, but it still looks more dramatic than the likes of the Honda NSX and Audi R8 – especially with the upwards-hinging doors spread wide open.

Things are a little less theatrical inside, but you still get a smart minimalist interior with loads of plush materials and a digital driver’s display instead of conventional dials as standard.

Unlike most supercars, the BMW i8 comes with four seats which help make it surprisingly easy to live with. Sure, there isn’t space in the 154-litre boot for a set of golf clubs, but it’s bigger than the loadbay you get in the Audi and there’s plenty of space in the BMW’s front seats for you to get comfy if you’re more than six-foot tall.