Audi E tron SUV

The Audi e-tron is the company’s first electric car – blending everything you love about a conventional Audi with zero emissions and easy, instant performance that make it ideal for town driving.

Audi is famed for its high-quality interiors and the e-tron sets a new benchmark here for electric cars. It has a hewn-from-granite feel and top-notch plastics that make the Tesla Model X seem a little bit cheap-looking.

What really catches your eye is Audi’s high-tech infotainment system that features no less than three huge screens. All of them get crystal clear graphics, while the lower dashboard touchscreen has haptic feedback that mimics pressing physical buttons. Then there are the optional rear-facing cameras that replace regular door mirrors with OLED screens on the insides of the doors.
All this clever tech is fitted to an interior that is very practical. There’s loads of room for four adults and the Audi e-tron has a huge boot that’s tall and square – making it more spacious and easier to load than the boots you’ll get in Audi saloons such as the A6 and A8.

What defines the e-tron is its two electric motors that take the place of a conventional petrol or diesel engine. With zero emissions, they mean the Audi e-tron is exempt from paying city tariffs such as the London Congestion Charge and the car’s silent running makes it extremely relaxing to travel in.

More surprising is just how quick the Audi e-tron feels. With up to 408bhp, it can get from 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds, but the instant power and grippy four-wheel drive mean it feels even quicker. Factor in a variety of optional autonomous driving features and this is a safe electric car that feels as at home in the city as it does on the motorway.

It’s not all good news though, because although the Audi e-tron is quick in a straight line the huge weight of its battery makes it feel ungainly and cumbersome on tight country roads.

Its 249-mile range is also still some way off what a diesel SUV can manage. And, although you can replenish its battery from flat to 80 percent in 30 minutes using a 150kWh fast charger, there aren’t any of those in the UK. Instead, it’ll be an overnight job on a home charger.

So the e-tron still hasn’t solved all the problems that come with electric car ownership – and it isn’t as quick as a Tesla Model X – but if you’re looking for an EV that’s practical, high-tech and genuinely posh, it should be at the top of your shopping list.