Audi A4 Sedan

The Audi A4 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smart car with frugal engines, loads of equipment and a comfortable, practical cabin with room for five adults.

It’s not just more spacious than a BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class or Jaguar XE – it’s a class above in terms of build quality and high-tech features. Everything you’ll touch regularly feels as solid as a granite doorstop and the optional Virtual Cockpit digital driver’s display will make you feel like you’re driving a car from the future..

Thankfully, there’s enough seat adjustment for you to stretch out – even if you’re very tall – and space in the back is excellent for a car this size. Three adults will fit without feeling too cramped and there’s plenty of room to fit a bulky child seat.

The Audi A4 boot is pretty practical, too. Its outright capacity is identical to the competitors, and you can flip the back seats down in a three-way split if you need to carry up to three passengers and some very long luggage at once.